Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Have I Been Up To for Four Years?

After perusing the latest USA Fencing Athlete's Handbook, I've learned that if I don't renew or earn a new rating before August 1, 2011 - I will drop down to a C11.

Personally, I thought I had lived up to my B rating, until I took a hard look at my results on over the last four years. It seemed once I earned my B in 2007, my results took a dive and stayed there. There are a couple reasons for that.

First, before having a B I typically completed in two events a day - the Open and the C/D/E and Under, giving me more tournament experience. Work and travel also became a factor. Then there was some laurel resting that excused me from competing in as many events as possible. Add it all up and in those years between 2007 and this season trips to the 8 were rare and only two medal round appearances in that period. Wow. But I did pick up Hilton Diamond Status and Delta Silver medallion three years running!

However, this season I made nine trips to the round of eight or higher out of 18 individual events I competed in this season. Or to be more generous, I had 14 top ten finishes in those 18 events. I only posted three top ten finishes the whole 2007-2008 season after I earned my B. Clearly I am becoming a much better and more consistent fencer, regardless of my initial seeding.

I have a couple more chances to renew or get my A before August. If I don't achieve that goal, I am going to abuse some people in Div II AND Div I competition.

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P. Rashid, Fencer/Artist said...

You might want to look at some tournaments in Florida. There are usually strong Epee tournaments here. The Open Epee events are usually all A & B rated. Look at Gateway, Central and Gold Coast Division tournaments for next season if you are interested.

I just re-earned my B in Epee this weekend in the Fl State Games but its a lot harder here in Foil. Georgia has stronger foil I think. Next season, I will make the effort to do more Ga tournaments for foil.

Good luck!-Princess