Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coletrain is slowly, BUT SURELY, coming back

A coworker and myself before fencing at DFC
So it has been over a year since I lasted posted. But there is a good reason! Soon after last year's post I was offered a great job here in Denver! Yay! But I would have to start right away. Boo! But I will be making more money sooner... Yay! But I was too close to the end to drop everything, so I had to continue all the activities below until I finished in June. BOOOO!!! But, money! YAAY!

Once June rolled around, things slowed down - and yes I have been able to compete more. And lordy, did I start sucking... Oh my. And it is not like everyone else is better - my body just refuses to do what is necessary to get touches. Things that my body could easily do two years ago.

Worse, I am in another ratings fiasco. If I don't renew this year, I drop down to a D and lose my eligibility to fence Div I events! I have competed in three events this year, and all I am doing is learning the true extent of how much I have lost by not competing. My strength is still there, but my timing and precision, as well as my tactical decision making are all rusted through.

However, I am fencing a tournament this Sunday at my home club - so wish me luck!!!!