Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Latest Fencing Results

I crapped the bed at Vanderbilt, as usual. I never seem to do as well as I should there. Since it was my first as a B (epee), pools weren't tough - although a D came to play and beat me 5-3. Everyone else I handled pretty well.

My first DE was against a guy who looked like a pirate and refused to attack. My attack was awful that day (hangovers will do that) so I wasn't gonna spend all day chasing him down. I ended up winning 7-5. I lost the next round to an annoying little girl - and I really couldn't keep my head out of the beer I was hoping to drink long enough to beat her down.

It was just as well, I only had one clubmate still in, and we headed to an awesome microbrewery after he was done. Next time - I am bringing plenty of powerade and will go for blood.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I did a foil event in Suwanee. It was fun, after I got over the fact that neither my bodycords or any of my foils worked. I borrowed new foils and bodycords, and got reaquainted with a little thing called the off-target light. This light is what makes foil fencing like shot calling in pool (as opposed to "slop" pool and epee).

A big part of my epee game is hitting the edges and margins, "aim small, miss small." It involves landing on the hand, top or underside of the arm, the back, top edge of the shoulder, neck, and yes - sometimes the groin. I may not start an attack there, but I often end up there. In foil, I have a problem. Most of those areas can be protected by the tiniest shift of the body - and now I am not landing on the lame anymore. Most troublesome.

I also didn't use the coupe much at all, and it is a must have technique in foil - but can get you murdered in epee. I'll get 'em next time.