Sunday, April 29, 2012

Colorado Updates

It feels awful. I have been present at three mens/mixed epee events (Colorado Cups and Georgia Games) without fencing them. The first was a mistake. I was supposed to be in Vail skiing for Race & Case, but there was a last minute change of plans - so I coached a fencer to the medal round. The second two I was refereeing - which paid well and helped me earn a higher referee rating.

Last season I competed almost every weekend trying to re-earn my B or get an A. I always fell short by a couple touches in the necessary round. This year, the few competitions I fenced were difficult - and I am trying to get better. I am lighter and in better shape than last season, but my timing is a bit off, and the events in Colorado are less top heavy.

After reviewing my top ten goals for my life (last updated in 2005) on there is the goal of becoming a champion fencer, what ever that might mean. I don't think I have it that goal yet, and while being in graduate school it is difficult for me to pursue. I suppose I can try practicing more at the apartment, but I also need to carve out more time to study. There is a conflict between one thing that is very important to me and costs money, and another thing that is very important to me and in which I have already sunk a huge investment. These things shouldn't be in conflict, but I really like sleep too.