Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year - More Fencing

With my first competition of the new year coming up in Statesboro, I am pretty excited.

The last time I was in Statesboro I renewed my "E" and qualified for DivIII Nationals, so there is some good karma there. I have also been watching what I eat and trying to get on the treadmill more. Will Smith said in Reader's Digest that you meet your worst enemy on the treadmill - your lazy self. This is the guy that says that you have run enough, you are running too hard, and that three miles is just as good as five. Smith also said he uses the treadmill to learn about other people - and that he has nothing to fear from the kind of guy that commits himself to running five miles, but stops at three. I am not a Will Smith fan, but I want him to fear me - so I do everything I can to go the whole boat every time.

Another reason I am trying to slim down is a speed issue. I think my bladework is relatively solid - but while parry-ripostes aren't that common at the local level in epee, they still work extremely well if the speed is there. And I fear holiday meals, late nights at the bar, and brewskies watching football have slowed me down considerably. My ultimate goal weight is right around 215-220lbs - which is crazy to imagine that I would actually be almost svelte at that number. I guess I am a big guy.