Tuesday, August 09, 2011


The new fencing season has officially begun, and the Georgia Division has started posting tournaments, starting at Atlanta FC. You will probably see more postings from me soon.

However, I do feel compelled to write about a recent problem of mine.


My future family has only been in danger about three times in the last six years, and even then it was nothing too serious. This year, I am getting nailed every other week. This last time I have resolved to wear a cup.

The trend started in TN a few months back, when a kid who seemed really upset I was going to beat him 5-0 decided to get a little revenge hit after my beautiful parry-riposte. The director was a beginner, and didn't think to card him - and I was in too much pain to demand it. My poor boy (Señor Izquierda) was in pain for two weeks. Funny, the kids coach actually said to me BEFORE the bout that he thought it was insane that men refused to wear cups for fencing. I happened to mention I rarely got hit there.

A few weeks later, I fenced a kid (one of my students) in class, he attacks and hits the floor with his feint. I stop for the light, and he stabs Don Derecha. I go down like a ton of bricks, and lay there for five minutes waiting for the pain to subside and everything to reinflate. I finished the bout (I won), and called it a night.

Tonight, I am fencing another kid, and I attack, he does a parry-riposte but doesn't close the line. I finish with a remise, and he manages to hit the Señor and the Don. After sitting on my honches, I started fencing from a low tierce on guard with the bell guard protecting my guys, and beat him and everyone else that way.

I know it is ultimately my fault, but I can't understand the increasing frequency. I will just have to deal with the extra equipment from now on.