Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nationals in Three Weeks

6000 fencers. 65 strips. 96 events for heaven's sake! This could be the largest fencing tournament the world has ever seen. Literally. Guiness will be showing up. Hopefully they will bring a keg.

I am competing in Division III Men's Epee, and Senior Team Epee. I have no clue how the team event will go, but for DIII - I am playing to win the whole damned thing.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Holding On To A Lead

Even though I was only seeded 39 out of 57, Georgia Games was an unmidigated disaster. I had a tough pool - two Bs, two Cs, and a U (who beat me); but my record of 1-4 with a -9 indicator was inexcusable. Especially since in two of the lost bouts I was up 4-2 at one point. I really need to learn to hold on to a lead. The same thing happened in Reno; I would get ahead, and I just couldn't push through to get that last touch. The other losses were less annoying: I lost 5-2 to a B06 fencer who has owned me for a while, and I lost 5-0 to a C06 fencer from my club. He is normally beatable, but not when he is fresh off a triumph and I am still rubbing sleep out of my eyes.

Between now and nationals if I learn one thing - it will be to hold on to a lead till the end. A 3-2 record would have made life a little easier on me in DEs, and at the very least I would have finished with a respectable place.