Monday, December 17, 2007

No Shining At The Southern Star

The best thing about a pool of 8 is that you have seven chances to pull out a winning record. Unfortunately, I needed all seven chances to hit 4-3. While my loss to the other B in the pool was understandable, I let a clubmate get in my head for a 2-5 loss, and a U from Emory had a good day, beating me 5-4 with a command of the lead the whole time.

D.Es weren't much better... the round of 64 was ok, but I lost miserably to another B 15-10. Somehow, I wasn't catching my opponent's adjustment after I won the lead. I would get a one or two touch lead with an arm touch or parry-riposte, only to give it up when I went on the offensive. I need to learn to sit on a lead.

I need to remember that I won my B by taking my time, not getting over excited, and fighting for each touch. My head was in the game, not thinking about finishing out the bout. I am at my best when I fence one touch at a time. I oughta hire someone to shout that to me.