Sunday, June 26, 2011

Georgia Games - Ugh

Dying at the base camp is pathetic, but it happens. Dying in sight of the summit is tragic.

Oversleeping, running late, and fencing without warming up I still managed a 5-1 pool record. I was 6th of 24 coming out of the pools, and my first opponent after the bye was one of my students. I knew how and when he would attack. I didn't count on missing and being fatigued.

After getting an 10-8 lead, I figured I could make a run, but I just wasn't getting the touch in time. Weapon malfunction could have been a culprit, but not enough for me to think it worth it to change. Even so, I am retiring the body cord I used today.

The worst part about losing that bout is that everyone further up the tree was equally beatable. I was sure today was the day I would win gold and my A. All I can do now is continue to prepare for Senior Team Men's Epee at Nationals, and fence every tournament I can.

On a lighter note, two ad hoc fencing teams assembled to fence after the Open. My team earned second place (ugh, I know), but even so I received a silver Georgia Games medal. Personally, I have found GG medals to be the best basic medal (not including weird shaped medals or trophies of any kind) in fencing, so I am glad I finally got one.

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