Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh No.... Sprinkle Some Fries On Those CUPCAKES!

Well, thanks to lots of alcohol, and the explosion of booze, food, and sweets that was birthday weekend 2007 - I have missed a few practices and I gained a bit of weight. Make that 12 lbs. Plus, I hit the treadmill and the weight room HARD last Sunday, and now I am sore as hell today. All this, and my fencing has suffered dramatically and I have my first tournament of the season in three days.

This is SNAFU barrelling towards FUBAR.

I stopped drinking for the week after the Falcons game last Sunday, and redoubled my efforts in practice - but I am worried about my endurance and my extension. My brain is making the right decisions - but my hand position and execution is screwing up the timing. Worse, I have a lecture on Thursday at Emory, so no practice before my first event first thing Saturday morning.

You might wanna wear a mask...

Right now, the plan is to work out today and get to bed relatively early, eat light tomorrow and work out before the lecture, and stay in Friday at all costs - even if it means inviting any paramours to my place. That, plus extension exercises at home will hopefully reverse the losses I have put on myself over the last few weeks.

Good lord wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And So It Begins - The New Fencing Season

After a short break, the new fencing season has finally begun. Unfortunately, I have already missed two local tournaments because a) I was busy and b) I still need to buy new body cords (see Miami below). Worse, I even broke the last body cord I had that I was using for practice. And my favorite Uhlmann FIE blade finally bit the dust during practice. That is the last time I use an FIE weapon for practice. It feels so much better than all my other weapons, I just like fencing with it.

So after birthday week (this week) and my work with the GA High School Fencing League the weekend of Sept. 22 - my competition season officially starts with my club's first tournament on Sept. 29.

Here is the rest of my fall/winter schedule for 2007:

Oct 27-28 - Birmingham or Clemson, SC (depending on whether AL Division has their act together)
Nov. 3 - Vanderbilt
Nov. 17 - Rome, GA
Dec. 15 - Southern Star, Dunwoody, GA

The crappy part about this schedule is that I need to get a "C" rating by Dec.14 (Dec. 21 if I want to pay triple fees) to compete in the NAC that is coming to Atlanta (15 min from my house) in mid-January. It can be done, but it ain't gonna be easy.