Sunday, June 19, 2011

Like Kissing Your Stepsister

It counts, I guess. But if that's all you have going for you - well you are in trouble.

Doubles in Epee are a part of the game. But if you are losing, they are frustrating as all hell. When coaching I get annoyed whenever my fencer has a significant deficit and celebrates a double touch. Sure, it put points on the board - but now your opponent is one point closer to victory, and you must fence the remainder of the bout even more perfectly.

In the round of 8 I was up against a respected veteran fencer, and I was on a high after beating an alumni of Master Zasilmov's program at Ohio State. It seemed he had a general plan to beat me - and for six touches it worked.

He wanted to fl├Ęche to my inside, but not so far in that he would draw my parry four. I tried catching him, failed. I tried counterattacking, failed. I tried running, failed harder. Finally I tried attacking into what little preparation he did, and I started getting single lights - until I didn't. I was aiming for just at the crook of the elbow, but he was advancing so fast and subtly - I ended up just doubling on his chest. Eventually I figured it out at 14-13, but not in time to do a perfect attack to tie.

It was a disappointing day. I got sick earlier in the week and was hacking my lungs out all day, and this was the last event where I could earn a rating that would be reflected at Nationals. Plus I had a small pool of five, and managed to come out of the pools 2-2, my worst pool record in months. All that and today's 9th place finish is my best placing at a Dunwoody FC tournament in over a year. So much for home field/club advantage.

The good news is the next tournament is Georgia Games in Marietta, GA. Not at my club, but close enough that I can sleep in.

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