Friday, June 20, 2008

GA Division/State Championships This Weekend...

...And I was drunk last night. Those of you who actually read this thing know I typically avoid red meat and booze a full week before I have a competition. The SE Sectional Championship blew that regime to hell.

At that tournament, I got my ass absolutely handed to me on a silver charger, with a bit of humiliation for garnish. Losing 0-5 to one of the best fencers in the Southeast is one thing; losing to a guy I have fenced four times in competition only to fall after a lead is another; losing to some random jackass hurt a lot. After an all too gentle scolding from my coach I pulled it together in the DE only to lose to her son in the second round. It was just as well, he lost in the round following and he was just barely seeded high enough to qualify for Nationals in San Jose. I would have had to battle the best to at least the round of 8.

After that tournament, I kinda lost it a bit. Spirits broken and all that. Fencing wasn't just not fun, it wasn't gratifying. Giving up fun nights (and mornings) with friends to travel and compete just didn't sound like a good idea any more. So, no more crazy training regimes. No neglecting my social life so I can perfect the high septime flick to the back. I am going to stop thinking like Tiger Woods, and start thinking like Rocco Mediate. Sure, Woods beat Mediate with a cracked shin and a torn ACL; and Woods has a hot Swedish model for a wife and millions and millions of dollars. But Mediate finished a strong second, and will get a bunch of money for his trouble. And the second Swedish models become interested in American epee (or foil) fencing, the second I will be training hard every morning and night for competitions.

Until that second passes, I am just going to have fun on and off the piste.

Not to say the competition has nothing to fear from me and my team in Rome this weekend. I will just be a lot happier, win or lose. And I might be at Happy Hour tonight.