Thursday, July 15, 2010

Expect to See a Lot of Me in 2010-2011

Ugh, what an awful year. I didn't qualify for anything except Senior Team Men's Epee for Nationals - not even Div III Foil. Although I felt I was improving towards the end of the season - most of it was just mediocre with flashes of horrendousness.

After spending some quality time with my previous years records at, I realized that I only did well when I competed all the damn time. I mean at least two competitions a month, sometimes two seperate competitions a weekend. At that point my results were consistent (top 4 in local Div II/III, top 8/16 in Local Opens), and getting better. I really want my A this season, more than I want to spend Friday nights looking at bar girls who couldn't compete with the women who shop my neighborhood Publix.

When asked by a prominent coach what my long term goal was for fencing, I said I wanted to be a fixture in the top 32 of Div I Men's Epee. Winning a few NACs would be fantastic, but I at least want my name to be mentioned (in a good way). His response was that I should practice more, and maybe quit my job. While it's true I don't practice or compete as much as I did when I had an easier strict 8-5p job; the ability to travel to any club or tournament I please using either cash or points or miles is a great consolation. He compromised on that suggestion if I made the effort to compete more, and travel to see other clubs when I was away with work. That made me feel better.

It's gonna be a long road - but it will be fun, after all fencing is my favorite thing to do. (Seriously, bar none.) I will post more too. ;)