Sunday, December 06, 2009

Pittsburgh NAC - Well, the Bars Were Cool

Umm, here is a good fencer...
This is Cody Mattern abusing his last opponent in his morning pool bouts 5-0.
In contrast, my best bout was 4-5, when my last opponent tried to run at me and got hit instead.
Getting my ass kicked sucks, but hey, it happens - the fencing level is very high. Losing because actions I normally make aren't landing or because I didn't remise after the counterparry-counterriposte sucks HARD. Even when fencing someone like Ben Bratton, I had the timing and the distance and the blade, but couldn't stick the riposte. I am so used to getting it, I don't fight it out.
Next are a few locals in Georgia, but the big events are the Arnold Classic (if it is an FIE World Cup again) and the NAC F in Virginia Beach. Between now and then, I need to somehow replicate the level of intensity needed to compete nationally at my own club.

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