Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is a stressful time of year for me. My completely paranoid psyche has forever associated Christmastime with grades - and it doesn't help that mid-year reviews at work fall on the exact same time of year. Add that to the natural cold weather and I am sluggish, depressed, and I sleep a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if this has a huge impact on my fencing...

Two years ago, when I earned my B in epee - I was working a 9-5 at a small software company. Late nights and overnights were rare, and once I left the office thoughts of work were locked inside the building. Of course, no stress also meant I wasn't making a whole lot of money either. (The recruiter said, "you won't get rich, but it's a good gig." Thanks.)

Now, I am struggling, but I can use airline miles from work travel to pay for tickets to NACs around the country. I can also pile my equipment in my company car, and take road trips whenever necessary for cheap. The question is can my increased resources help me improve even though I actually have less time to devote to getting better at fencing? In times like this it's no wonder that there are few young adults in Georgia who are devoted to competitive fencing.

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