Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Southeast Doubleheader - And a New B07

Nothing like a good weekend of fencing to make you forget the debauchery of Madison, WI that I have nearly outgrown.

First up was the tournament at Birmingham, AL. The Birmingham FC has a great facility with 12 strips, and the tournament was very well run. In the Open Epee event I swept my pool - which happened to be populated with an A07 and former Olympic Medalist (in foil, but it still counts). I ended up #5 out of the pools with a BYE, but got taken out by a fencer from Huntsville who made it to the four. Still, not a bad day.

Next was the Tiger Open in Clemson. I pretty much crapped the bed in the pools, leaving with only one victory and a horrible indicator. However I pulled it together and made it to the four - losing to the eventual winner 15-14. Since the event was an A2, I earned my B07 rating. This was shocking to me, because I signed up for every tournament in a 250 mile radius hoping to earn my C before registration for the Div I Atlanta NAC closed. I can't fence Div II events any more, but I finally broke into Div I and as I told my neighbor, "now I can play with the big boys..."

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