Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pretty Girl Fencing for Mastercard

I am still experiencing the afterglow from getting my B in epee last weekend. Nothing but fencing related issues have been on my mind - which works out because I am getting ready for the Vandy Cumberland Open this Saturday. And while I was flipping channels (waiting for Ron Paul on the Tonight Show) I came across this Mastercard commercial on cable. It it Penelope Fortier an enchantingly beautiful song called "Favorite Things." And of course, she weaves a touche being scored against her into the song. I actually shed a tear... someone may be cured of cancer.

If Penelope would sing "Favorite Things" at a NAC or at Nationals, I would straight up cry. She has that great a voice.

EDIT: I just checked out Penelope's MySpace Music profile. Let's just say that the music lessons must have came between the stuff on her page and "Favorite Things." I'm not saying she's bad - just that there is a scratchy off harmony thing from the music on her site. But, I am no music critic.

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