Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And So It Begins - The New Fencing Season

After a short break, the new fencing season has finally begun. Unfortunately, I have already missed two local tournaments because a) I was busy and b) I still need to buy new body cords (see Miami below). Worse, I even broke the last body cord I had that I was using for practice. And my favorite Uhlmann FIE blade finally bit the dust during practice. That is the last time I use an FIE weapon for practice. It feels so much better than all my other weapons, I just like fencing with it.

So after birthday week (this week) and my work with the GA High School Fencing League the weekend of Sept. 22 - my competition season officially starts with my club's first tournament on Sept. 29.

Here is the rest of my fall/winter schedule for 2007:

Oct 27-28 - Birmingham or Clemson, SC (depending on whether AL Division has their act together)
Nov. 3 - Vanderbilt
Nov. 17 - Rome, GA
Dec. 15 - Southern Star, Dunwoody, GA

The crappy part about this schedule is that I need to get a "C" rating by Dec.14 (Dec. 21 if I want to pay triple fees) to compete in the NAC that is coming to Atlanta (15 min from my house) in mid-January. It can be done, but it ain't gonna be easy.

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