Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Suppose I Don't Suck

These days I am starving myself. I've managed to drop 16lbs in the last month or so, and I am trying to improve both my quickness and my endurance. The endurance goals are being achieved slowly but surely, the quickness ones are much much harder to hit. Plus I have the great side effect of being near death at the end of every practice - and I'm almost impossible to move in the mornings. It's all worth it when I notice my knickers fit better and I am getting touches that were a lot tougher just two months ago.

That being said, the latest Georgia Peach Points came out last night, and I must say, I don't suck...

Not bad... I am also the highest placed D and Under on the points list in GA, sorta like being king of the appropriately-disparaging-nicknames. (I hate the scrubs term.)

If you click the picture, you will get the full list - which also shows my piss-poor performance in foil, and my non existant performance in sabre. I haven't competed in sabre in a year, it has been too long.

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