Saturday, May 20, 2006

I Nearly Lost My Head

Today I fenced the first half of Dunwoody FC's May Melee - and I am in so much pain. Tomorrow is Open Epee (possible B2) and Team Epee.

Fencing sabre is a lot different than the other two weapons. The distance is completely different. What may appear to be dangerously close but still safe distance in epee - is still distance in sabre. Especially since all the guy has to do is whack you. Out of the three weapons, I never would have guessed the sabre is the whippiest of them all. Even on a clear parry-riposte action, the intial attack could still wrap completely around my blade and touch me.

The best was during my DE - when my opponent was making a cut to my quarte and slashed me across the neck. My mask was knocked clean off and I almost came to my knees. Dammit - I thought I was about to give up the Quickening. My head is still ringing hours later.

If I can find a cheap helmet and lame I will probably keep up with it. It was a great time, especially since I won two pool bouts (out of six).

My only regret is that all the energy put into sabre could have been redirected into getting my D06. I lost it in a DE to a guy who was beatable, but was very tough. I've had my E for about six months or so... and I have re-earned it three times. I think I need to push myself to get to the next level.

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