Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ugh, It Has Been A While...

Fencing at Akershus Festning - Oslo, Norway

Well, I kept my word... it has been a while. Graduate school, the second year, has been insane. Tons of classes, papers, presentations, exams, plus working 9+ hours a week as a TA and graduate assistant, and on top of all that - teaching fencing. In what little free time I get, I ski and enjoy the Colorado weather.

Competitive fencing has unfortunately taken a back seat. I strip coach for my club, referee for the division - all of which pays more than competitive fencing for a poor graduate student. However I was able to compete once, so far this season... the Goering Open at Denver Fencing Center. The event ended as well as one could predict. I got my butt handed to me in my first pool bout by a mid level local fencer. Then I had it handed to me again in the second bout. After that dose of reality, I started remembering I used to be good at this and won the rest - ending the pool 4-2. After winning my first DE, I lost to the eventual winner - 15-12. Not bad for over a year off.

The good news for me and you is that I graduate in June... and once I start working full time, I will be able to afford to compete more often. Coletrain is coming back.

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