Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time To Run The Table

The Southeast Section Championships are upon us. I talked a big game in January, now its time for that game to bear fruit. Things are a little worrisome right now. Since then I picked up a new job. I enjoy it, but there is a lot of travel, and I am not able to bust out the door at 4:59pm and make it to every practice early. Nor can I practice till 10pm with confidence that I can roll into work at 8:59:55am either. And out of the three tournaments I fenced in the last three months - my highest placement was top 16. That's not good.

The key of course is that I need to run my pools consistently. Even with a B, I need all the help I can get in the DEs; and I am not doing myself any favors by losing touches to weak fencers, and not killing the better ones.

If one subscribes to serendipity and invisible hands in the pot we call life - Iron Man comes out this weekend too. Looks like I may have good news come Sunday night.

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