Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Results from Memphis NAC

I just got back from the NAC A in Memphis, and it was a pretty good time.  I finished 39th in Div 3 Men's Epee, and not so well in Div 2. Apparently, I need early mornings and no food to fence well.  Memphis is a nice town, if difficult to get around - and Beale street was almost as loud as Bourbon Street.  Too bad I was exhausted Saturday night and headed to bed after only one drink and a movie.  I will have to return with reinforcements.
The NAC was run really well, although there were some issues.  I was a bit spoiled by the 80% advance rule from Nationals - it forces people to actually try in the pools.  It also would mean that my 14th seed after pools would mean something.  I lost my first DE, even though I had a bye - so I was a bit bitter. 
The other significant issue was a nice life lesson for me.  Curvy and hot directors are not necessarily good directors.  Although the fact that this particular director didn't call corps-a-corps - thereby turning a gentleman's game into something akin to the WWE Hardcore Championship match - didn't bother me, it was that I didn't find out until I got touched after I stopped where a halt should have been called.  The "let them slug it out" school of fencing works in my favor, but I prefer not to clock people with a right cross after attacking in prime.  It wouldn't have been so bad except an older gentlemen directed a few bouts in my pool, and the difference in quality was dramatic.
Lots of fun, and I learned a lot about my own style and how I need to improve.  Next time, top 8.

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